Tornado Relief Fund

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on December 27, 2015

In an effort to support our Essentially Connected family and extended family, we have established a donation link. All donations will go to help families and neighbors in need after the December 26, 2015 tornado hit North Texas. We will collect these funds in good faith and distribute them through Essentially Connected members who need our help or have family, friends, or neighbors who need our help.

This is not established as a non-profit or tax deductible entity. Curtis and Trina will be covering the Paypal processing and transaction fees required. If you are able to connect or donate in other ways, we encourage you to do so. This is a method established to provide an opportunity for those who prefer to use a credit card or who can not connect more directly. If you wish to donate gift cards, cash, checks, or other items, you can drop them off at our home and we will get them to those in need.

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